Thief caught red-handed stealing from home

Thief caught red-handed stealing from home

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County Police credit watchful neighbors for the arrest of a man caught red-handed while stealing from a Dougherty County home.

Neighbors on Phoebe Road noticed an unknown white car parked on the road by a home Tuesday, and thought it suspicious.

When that white car parked in the same spot on Wednesday, the neighbors called Police.

Police said they found 30-year-old Casey Jones inside a building at the home on Phoebe Road, and arrested him for burglary.

Officers said he had antique tools and books worth about $250 from the home when he was arrested.

Police said those calls from concerned neighbors were the key.

"Two of our officers, Patrolman Ellis and Sgt. Richards responded and got there and caught the suspect in one of the buildings.  He was taken into custody then. So we were real appreciative of all the help that we got from the citizens," said Lt. M.J. Wood with Dougherty County Police.

Dougherty County Police suspect that Jones may have been involved with other burglaries in the area.

They ask that if you or any pawn shop owners have bought anything from him, please call Dougherty County Police at 430-6600.

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