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Smash and grab criminal wanted in Mitchell Co.

Owner Ike Godwin Owner Ike Godwin
Det. Matthew Miller Det. Matthew Miller

The Mitchell County Sheriff's Office needs your help to identify a man involved in a smash and grab at Godwin's Grocery. The thief looks around then decides to use a concrete brick to shatter the glass at Godwin's Grocery Store.

It was around 1:30 this morning when he broke into the store at the Grady Mitchell County line. He wore gloves but nothing to cover his face. "The offender was wearing gloves to not leave any fingerprints behind but he did not have on a mask."

Once inside, the thief kind of slips on the glass and in a frenzy grabs several rolls of lottery tickets totaling nearly four thousand dollars. Today, owner Ike Godwin waited on new glass for his front door.

He's surprised someone broke in. "You don't think anyone would be that brave with a house right in front and one on either side of the store."

And investigators say what criminals don't often realize is lottery tickets are tracked. "Lottery tickets all across the state are organized, accounted for, and given a number, like a serial number as for a gun or anything else."

And investigators hope surveillance video will help them catch the crook. "If it wasn't for surveillance videos, a lot of these burglaries, especially at stores, would a lot of times go unsolved."

And the owner hopes this criminal ends up in jail soon. "I hope they catch him and put him where he needs to be."

Investigators ask anyone who recognizes this man to call the Mitchell County Sheriff's office.

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