Americus shooting is a mystery so far

Morris Daniels
Morris Daniels

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Americus police are trying to figure out how a man was shot Wednesday night. Witnesses say Adams was coming down Reddick when he lost control and ended up in the vacant lot.

Markus Adams' car ended up in a grassy area at the corner of Reddick and Carter. He jumped out and ran to several doors asking residents to call 911.. Saying he'd been shot.

Police say it could have been an accidental, self inflicted gunshot, but would not say that with certainty. GBI agents and detectives are looking at ballistics tests to determine where the shot came from.

His father was out here today trying to figure out what happened and says his son is fine after being airlifted to Macon.

"The surgery went successful and I'm glad to have my son still alive. If anybody has any questions or answers, please get in touch with the Americus Police Department. I'd be glad and thankful," said Morris Daniels.

Right now, no arrests have been made. Police did find a .40 caliber pistol in Adams' car.

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