Fundraiser helps paralyzed hunter to receive new chair

Fundraiser helps paralyzed hunter to receive new chair
Mark Langley, Paralyzed Hunter
Mark Langley, Paralyzed Hunter
Scott Langley, Brother
Scott Langley, Brother

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - South Georgians are raising money for a special chair to help a paralyzed man enjoy his love of the outdoors.

An accident paralyzed Mark Langley and made it difficult for him to go hunting.  A light-hearted fundraiser could help change that.

In October 2006, a car accident in Albany changed Mark Langley's life forever.

"Where I suffered a C-6, C-7 spinal cord injury and it left me paralyzed from the shoulders down," said Mark Langley, Paralyzed Hunter.

Langley now relies on others for his everyday needs.

"Normal things like brushing my teeth or feeding," said Mark Langley.

"Just everyday ordinary things that we take for granted he has to have help with everyday," said Scott Langley, Brother.

Langley, a passionate Deer Hunter, says his wheelchair prevents him from doing the things he once loved outdoors.

"Outside hunting and getting out in the woods could tear it up," said Mark Langley.

"Most of the hunting we have to do with him is on the edge of field or on a road somewhere," said Scott Langley.

A track chair is what Christine Fowler and Langley's brother are raising money to get him.

"It'll allow you to get around in the woods," said Mark Langley.

Through the 2nd annual Ms.Track-a-licious: A Womanless Beauty Pageant.

"A bunch of men getting in dresses," said Scott Langley.

So far 15 men are participating in the pageant, including Langley's brothers.

"It wasn't something I had on my bucket list to do but if it'll help my brother get the chair, you know anything you do for family is something you just do," said Scott Langley.

The chair will cost around $12,000 and Backwoods Outdoors is supporting the event.

"I recommend everyone to do everything they can to try to help these people out," said Shane Lee, Backwoods Outdoors Employee.

"It's going to help me out a lot and I just hope everybody shows up," said Mark Langley.

The Womanless Beauty Pageant will be held November 7th at the Hasan Temple in Albany at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 and business sponsorships start at $200.

You can get tickets or participate in the pageant by contacting Christine Fowler at 229-869-6744, Scott Langley at 229-809-0654, or Jimbo Langley at 229-869-4320.

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