Norman Park family injured in wreck in New Mexico

Norman Park family injured in wreck in New Mexico
Lacey Zeigler, Friend
Lacey Zeigler, Friend

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - A Colquitt County family is stuck out west after being severely injured in a crash in New Mexico.
 Now, relatives are working to bring them back home.

Briana Love and her three young kids suffered serious injuries in a wreck last week and family members say it will cost them thousands of dollars to bring her home.

22-year-old Briana Love and her three kids ages 5, 2, and 1 were badly injured in a rollover wreck in Gallup, New Mexico last Wednesday.

"I saw it on Facebook from her mom that she had gotten in a wreck but we didn't know how bad it was," said Lacey Zeigler, Friend.

Love was headed to Arizona on a rainy night when she hit a culvert, ejecting her and her two year old son Brayden out of their jeep. Brayden's car seat saved his life.

"Right now we're trying to get her home because she's going to have to go through a lot of extensive therapy," said Tammi Love, Mother.

One-year-old Marley and Five-year-old Riley were also injured. All four were flown to the hospital at the University of New Mexico.

"The insurance because she's on Peachcare won't pay to move her twice," said Love.

Zeigler has been friends with Love since the sixth grade and was shocked to hear the news.

"Oh, it broke my heart," said Zeigler. "It really did."

Love suffered broken legs and bleeding in the brain and remains in the orthopedic ward of the hospital.

"She's going to be needing a lot of help," said Love. "She might have to learn to walk again everything because she's got broken ribs and broken ankles."

Brayden remains in the hospital with a gash in his head and a broken arm. Marley and Riley have both been released from the hospital. Family members say it will cost more than $16,000 to fly Briana back to Georgia. 

"We just don't have $16,500 and nobody can sit here for a month before she gets released to physical therapy you know," said Love.

"So it would mean the world to be able to get her just for the family to be able to have that break and peace of mind knowing that she's taken care of even when they are at home resting," said Zeigler.

Briana will undergo more leg surgery on Wednesday. You can help bring her home by clicking here.

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