Flint River samples show higher levels of pollutants

Flint River samples show higher levels of pollutants

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Experts say they are finding some parts along the lower Flint have high levels of pollution.

The EPD has not fully analyzed the data collected by Adopt-A-Stream over the weekend, during the Georgia River Network's annual Float on the Flint, a 3-day paddle down the Flint River, starting in Albany and ending in Bainbridge.

Early data numbers show higher levels of nutrients in some parts of the Flint where the data was collected.

Higher levels of nutrients can lead to algae growth and can make the ecological system more stressful for aquatic life.

Lower levels are generally considered healthier.

Experts caution the findings are not unusual for a river so close to large cities and agricultural land, and that the Flint River naturally cleans itself of many pollutants.

Scientists will continue analyzing the data, and the collected samples were sent to the Jones Ecological Research Center in Newton, who will run their own experiments to check the nutrient levels.

Overall, participants in the Float on the Flint were impressed with the quality of the river, and Devin Welter, the Development Director with Georgia River Network, called the Flint River "one of the prettiest rivers in Georgia".

Welter also commented that observers noted very little run-off and trash along the Flint.

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