Residents petition to recall mayor

Residents petition to recall mayor

MEIGS, GA - Opponents of the mayor of Meigs launched a recall petition drive today the same day the city manager officially resigned.

Lori White's family's restaurant has been sitting here in Meigs for about two years.

White says that they've tried to be involved in the community, but the mayor has not made things easy.

"She has just shown utter incompetency," Lori White

Today White started a petition to recall the Mayor. According to the former city manager, who resigned today, this needs to happen.

"They need a new mayor in the city, a mayor that will be concerned about the city," former City Manager Sidney Perry said.

Both White and former City Manager Perry say that the mayor is a road block because of how she conducts herself with the former manager and city council. Mayor Linda Harris see's things differently.

"It's a conspiracy it's a conflict of interest, and even in the work place here," Mayor Linda Harris said.

Mayor Harris says that she does have enough supporters to back her.

"The people that can vote me out their not willing to vote me out, "  Harris said.

Perry says the Mayor should go because she is costly.

"She's cost the city over $275,000 in lawsuits," Perry said.

According to the mayor those things have been settled. But she says that Perry and others are out to make her look bad.

"They've labeled me as being violent, and hostile,"Harris said.

"Anytime you talk with her it's a confrontation," Harris said.

One supporter for the mayor says that he's never seen anything like this in Meigs. He feels like the city managers and others have made things complicated for the mayor.

"I just feel ashamed and embarrassed and we are just going to keep fighting until we get it straight," Larry Bore said.

White just hopes this whole process invokes some sort of change.

"Let's just look at this as a reconsideration because that's what it comes down to," White said.

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