Burglars target tranquil northwest Albany neighborhood

Burglars target tranquil northwest Albany neighborhood

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People who live in a northwest Albany neighborhood are upset after burglars targeted their neighborhood. They say they're forming a neighborhood watch, and they're fighting these crimes.

Residents in the neighborhood say nothing like this has ever happened. Thursday alone though, there were three break in's right in this neighborhood, and one lady was home while it happened.

Outside of the few sounds nature provides, residents say Westminster Place is a quiet neighborhood. It only takes a few words to describe it.

"Peaceful, loving, gorgeous just like this," said Renee Williams.

But that changed Thursday morning when burglars ravaged through several homes--targeting jewelry and electronics.

"We just couldn't believe it because no one ever comes over here and bothers anything. We leave our cars unlocked, our garage doors open," said Williams.

One lady was actually home when her home was broken into and managed to escape into the bathroom to call 911.

"They weren't in vehicles as far as I can tell because they didn't take large stuff, just small stuff that they could put in a bag or something," said Williams.

Neighbors say they actually saw a man running through the woods with a bag over his shoulder. They say they've had it with these break ins, and enough is enough.

"We're not going to lay down. All the neighbors said we'll get together. If we have to, we'll patrol it ourselves," said Williams.

The first plan is to start their neighborhood watch immediately. They're also going to request more patrols from police.

"Those out there that think it's OK to take from the people that have worked all their time, come on. We got something. I got something that I want you to take," said Williams.

They may have been caught off guard this time, but they're prepared if it happens again. Williams encourages her neighbors to question folks who seem out of place or suspicious, but she also encourages them to get armed so they can defend themselves if someone breaks in.

No arrests have been made so far.

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