Murder victim's family wants suspects' trial delayed

Murder victim's family wants suspects' trial delayed
Lindsay Scott
Lindsay Scott

HOMERVILLE, GA (WALB) - The family of a Homerville murder victim was asking Friday for the suspects' trial to be delayed.

Clay Cross's mother and step-father say Clay's death is more than just a simple murder, so now they're appealing to the state attorney general's office in hopes of exposing what they say is the bigger issue.

Morehouse College student Clay Cross was gunned down at Club 912 on Saturday night, May 10th, 2014 as he walked in to the club to see about some deejay opportunities.

Investigators say a gang member outside fired a shot at the club to try to get a rival gang member to come out, but the bullet ricocheted and hit Clay.

Trevor Posley, Dexter Freeney, and Steven Monroe were indicted on September 22nd on 48 counts related to the murder, including charges of gang activity.

"We feel that there's a bigger picture here that needs to be exposed. Basically, public corruption," Clay's step-father, Lindsay Scott, emphasized.

The family has filed paperwork to try to get the murder trial delayed in hopes of being able to convince the attorney general's office to intercede in the investigation and therein broaden the scope of the murder investigation to include what they claim is public corruption.

"It's a culture that's being created in Clinch County and Homerville, that basically these kids, these gangs, think they can get away with anything," said Scott. "

Scott continued, "I don't know how much the public officials know about it or what they're doing about it, but it's an ongoing process and it's something that has been going on for awhile."

WALB did reach out to District Attorney Dick Perryman Friday to try to find out if and when the case is scheduled to go to trial and if his office is considering delaying the trial, but he did not return the call.

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