Man arrested after trying to run over officer

Man arrested after trying to run over officer

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A man is in jail charged with trying to run a police officer over during a road check. Cleveland Hayes was arrested a short distance from the road check at Cason Street and East Oglethorpe.

Officers say he refused to stop and kept going even after several verbal commands to stop. No one was hurt, but officers say it's something they always stay prepared for just in case.

"We all try to look out for each other because we know there's always that one chance that a car may actually not stop and not pay attention either they just don't want to drop or they feel that the rules and the laws don't apply to them," said Patrolman Greg Gadt with the Albany Police Department.

Hayes is being held without bond on aggravated assault charges. Officers made three other arrests and wrote other traffic tickets in the road block.

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