Cancer prevention starts with self exams

Cancer prevention starts with self exams

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Oncologists in South Georgia say breast self examination is one of the most common ways their patients find out they have cancer.

Medical Director of Oncology at Phoebe Putney Memorial Dr. Chirag Jani says up to 40% of patients visit their doctors about masses they found on their own.  He suggests women examine themselves once a month because early detection is key.

Yearly mammograms are also recommended to detect abnormalities that cannot be felt.

"And sometimes, as we all know, we get caught up into our routine life and we forget.  So it's always nice to have somebody, especially your friend, to remind you that you need to be doing a self breast exam."

Dr. Jani encourages women to speak with their primary physicians to learn how to properly conduct a breast self examination.

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