Illinois man found dead on Decatur highway

Illinois man found dead on Decatur highway

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Authorities are piecing together what happened to an Illinois man who left his home state four days ago, and died in the overnight hours near Bainbridge.

The body of Louis J. Kirsteatter Jr., of Bloomington, Illinois, was found off U.S. Highway 84 near Bainbridge.

His silver Lincoln was found in town, where it had crashed into an appliance store building on Broad Street.

Investigators believe he bought cigarettes and a drink at a convenience store, hit the building, and then just started walking.

Then he was run over in the darkness by a semi truck. They think he was already lying down in the road before the truck went over him, causing his body to be mutilated.

Detectives say that a truck driver reached his destination, and when examining the truck, saw blood, and returned to Bainbridge. Authorities checked the vehicle, and found evidence underneath that it had run over a person,  but did not see any marks on the front or side of the truck.

Kirsteatter's family said that they did not know that he was in Georgia, and in fact did not know where he had gone. Kirsteatter had some health issues, and was on medications.

The coroner is considering an autopsy on the body.

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