Albany Mayor reads with 4-year-olds for Pre-K week

Albany Mayor reads with 4-year-olds for Pre-K week

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - 40 four-year-olds had a fun fall surprise Wednesday morning when Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard stopped by Sylvandale Academy for Georgia Pre-K week, a statewide initiative to bring attention to the importance of early education.

The book the children choose for Mayor Hubbard to read was "All about Pumpkins" by Zoe Hall.  Afterward, 4-year-old Ubong Inyang said he wanted to carve his Halloween pumpkin with a happy face because "it makes you smile."

Mayor Hubbard, a former educator, is a big believer in reading early and often to young children.

"This is their foundation and you really do want them to enjoy learning and reading, because reading is a lifelong adventure," she said.
Research shows children in quality Pre-K programs benefit in many ways.  Pre-K children are less likely to repeat grades, need educational intervention, and one study showed children who attended Pre-K even earn significantly more income as adults then children who do not attend an early education program.

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