Diesel spill cleanup continues

Diesel spill cleanup continues
Homeowner David Taylor
Homeowner David Taylor

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - A major cleanup continues in Worth County, where a diesel truck ran off Highway 82, and flipped more than three weeks ago.

The massive hole shows just how far crews have had to go to clean up this diesel. It's at least 100 feet wide and probably 15 feet deep.

The homeowner says it's a lot worse than he expected. As David Taylor rocks on his front porch, he looks at the devastation that is his front yard.

"This is a little, our little, slice of heaven on earth and that's pretty much gone," said Taylor.

He and his wife bought the home in Western Worth County several years ago and retired from the north. "We bought it because of all the trees and the flowering bushes. It was absolutely beautiful. It's the kind of thing we love," said Taylor.

That all changed on September 15th, when a diesel truck carrying thousands of gallons of fuel overturned in their yard. "It's been a traumatic experience for us."

Things haven't been the same since.  Taylor says speeding traffic echoes through the home. "It's just like a race track."

About a dozen trees were uprooted from the yard, and 87 truckloads of dirt were hauled out, leaving the yard with a massive hole in it. "Your heart just sinks and you wonder oh, what now? It has really been devastating."

Trucks finally arrived to start filling the hole, but the 60 year old trees are irreplaceable. There is still clearly a long way to go.

"It's terrible. You can't imagine how it's ever going to be put back like it was," said Taylor.

Taylor will just eagerly watch, in hopes that his yard will return to normal. There's no timetable for when this cleanup will be completed.

In total, they cleaned up more than 7,000 gallons of diesel.

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