Albany Fire Dept. prepares for 21st fire safety show

Albany Fire Dept. prepares for 21st fire safety show
Anthony Jordan, Albany Fire Dept.
Anthony Jordan, Albany Fire Dept.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Fire Department will present their 21st annual fire safety show to roughly 5,000 students and teachers October 7th as part of fire prevention week.

It's the biggest fire safety show in Georgia and the second largest in the nation.

The fire department spent the week preparing gift bags and practicing the skit they will use to teach fire prevention to the students.

Students will learn the importance of fire safety and prevention through the chants and skits put on by the Albany Fire Department.

This year's theme is "hear the beep where you sleep." It focuses on the importance of hearing smoke detectors in every room.

Anthony Jordan with the Albany Fire Department says it's a fun way to help kids understand fire safety and prevention.

Jordan says many fires are caused by children who don't know better, and that's why it's crucial to teach fire safety to kids at a young age in a way that catches their attention.

"We see so much tragedy, especially with children, playing with matches or leaving food unattended on the stove. We want to get the word out to them to think fire safety," explains Jordan.

This is just one way the Albany Fire Department teaches fire safety throughout the year. They also take their "safe house" to schools during the year to talk about what to do in an emergency.

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