Albany St. healing up on bye week

Albany St. healing up on bye week

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After a grueling five week stretch to open the season, Albany State has earned a week off. They hope it will help them prepare to close out the season.

The Rams earned a comeback win on the road Saturday over Miles. Now they enter their open week with a pair of goals: get better and get healthy.

That second one will be crucial if the Rams want to make a run to another conference title game.

Head coach Dan Land says they'll practice without pads for most of the week, and try to stay away from being too physical to give some banged up guys some time to heal up.

"It'll help us because it'll let our start healing. We'll start feeling a little bit better, start getting our legs under us, and getting a second wind. We'll need that for this second half," Land says. "We'll come back next week, get things done. We'll move a lot quicker. We'll feel a little bit better, and we'll be a little more physical."

The Rams will be back in action on October 17 when they host Morehouse for homecoming. ASU has beaten the Maroon Tigers each of the last four years.

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