Dog survives after head nearly severed, investigation underway

Dog survives after head nearly severed, investigation underway

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - Terrell County Animal Control says a dog found whose neck was nearly severed is amazingly still alive but has a long road to recovery.

The Animal Director for the county, Martha Ann Coe responded to a call around 8:15 Saturday night after someone reported a dog appeared to have been  struck by a car. She says she found a 5 to 6-month-old female pit-bull mix between 10th Avenue and MLK Drive. The dog had a huge gash in her neck more than 4 inches deep, nearly severing its head. But somehow, she was still alive.

Coe took the animal to the Oakland Veterinary Hospital. The vet said that the dog will survive but her recovery will take a long time. The vet is also concerned about infection and bacteria getting into the wound as the dog recovers.

Coe explained that the vet believes the gash came from the dog being tied up. And that she survived because the tether dug into her neck slowly over a long period time.

Dawson has a strict no-tether policy so Coe plans on speaking with authorities about the situation. For the time being Terrell County Animal Control is looking for anybody who has information about the dog.

Anybody who wishes to help out with her recovery can contact Animal Control at (229) 995-4410. And those who have any information about the dog can contact Animal Control or the Dawson Public Safety Department.

Coe says she will not allow this dog to be put down, and that if she survived everything she went through, then she deserves a chance for a home.

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