A look at college campus safety in Albany

A look at college campus safety in Albany
Kenn Singleton, Albany Tech Campus safety Coordinator
Kenn Singleton, Albany Tech Campus safety Coordinator

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - South Georgia colleges are re-examining their security after yesterday's massacre in which a gunman killed 9 people on a community college campus.

A no weapons sign on Albany Tech's campus makes Business management student, Zenovia Allen feel safe.

"I feel safe here at Albany Technical College because we have Albany State police on campus," said Zenovia Allen, Student.

Albany State has three officers on Albany Tech's campus who are relieved by private security company at night.

"They don't just sit in their office all day," said Allen. "They be on their little cart rolling, riding, and checking on the students to make sure they are safe."

"We do have an open campus here but what we try to do is control individuals that come in and out of the campus," said Kenn Singleton, Albany Tech Campus Safety Coordinator.

Law Enforcement Technology Program Chair, Kenn Singleton says the school is equipped with emergency booths, radios, alert systems and frequently checked I-D's.

"We do have the campus police who monitors who comes in and out," said Singleton.

Yesterday a 26-year-old gunman opened fire on an Oregon campus killing 9 people. Singleton says the state mandates training to prepare for an active shooter.

"Here at Albany Tech, we have training for faculty, staff and students that's done all year round," said Singleton.

Albany State has 20 officers. During the week, 10 are on duty during the day and six at night, and officers on the weekend. Darton has 10 officers who are on duty 24/7 and some part-time officers. Singleton says it's important to have visibility.

"You know we all try to do what we need to do to make our campus better and safer to learn and work upon," said Singleton.

That Oregon college does not have armed security.  All the college officers in Albany, even the private security at Albany Tech carry weapons.

A state-mandated active shooter drill will take place at Albany Tech on November 18th involving faculty, students, and local law enforcement.

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