New stickers share big message from south Georgia sheriff

New stickers share big message from south Georgia sheriff

BEN HILL CO., GA (WALB) - The Ben Hill County Sheriff joins a growing list of sheriffs placing new decals on their cars. They're getting a lot of support... and some backlash.

They say "In God We Trust."  The Freedom from Religion Foundation has challenged them in some places, but Sheriff Bobby McLemore is standing up for his faith and says he won't take them off.

It's four simple words.

"In God we trust," said Sheriff Bobby McLemore.

But for Sheriff Bobby McLemore, they mean much more.

"I don't know of any other slogan that says it any better than 'In God we trust'," said Sheriff McLemore.

The new decals started showing up on patrol cars this week after a joint decision by the sheriff and his deputies. With violence now being directed at law enforcement, Sheriff McLemore wants folks to know where he stands.

"We need the support of God in our lives every day. We're not ashamed of that; we're not ashamed to tell folks that we believe in God and God supports us and we support him," said Sheriff McLemore.

Sheriff McLemore purchased the stickers out of his own pocket. He alerted citizens to the new message on Facebook and got over 600 likes and 1500 shares.

"I was amazed at the response that I got. I got not one negative response," said Sheriff McLemore.

The sheriff did his own research before outfitting the cars with the stickers and found that the courts unanimously agreed that the slogan was not affiliated with any church.

If any group writes a letter to this sheriff telling him to take them off, he's got his message ready.

"This is for us. This ain't for them. It doesn't say 'in God you trust.' It says 'in God we trust,'" said Sheriff McLemore.

So when you see this sheriff riding around town now you know the message behind this sticker.

Sheriff McLemore reiterates that the signs are merely reflective of his faith, and it's his recognition that with God's help, they can protect their community.

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