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Cook Co. boy attacked by shark is back at school

Josh Bitner, Jr. Josh Bitner, Jr.
Cathy Bitner Cathy Bitner

12 year old Josh Bitner, Jr. was back at school Friday, though he was still in a wheel chair and his right leg was still heavily bandaged and in a brace.

He was attacked by a shark at Fernandina Beach on September 20th. He said it happened so fast, he didn't even realize it.  "It bit me and then it came back," Josh recalled.

The shark bit him again, though it was not as severe as the first bite. That's when Josh finally realized what was going on.

"I tried to grab it because I was like, 'you know, if I'm going down I'm going down swinging!' So, I grabbed it and I punched it," Josh said. "I hit it and it finally went away."

His mother, Cathy, was also in the water when the attack happened.

"We thought he was playing," Cathy explained. "But, then I saw the fear in his eyes and knew something was wrong. So, we got to him as quick as we could. When I got to him, I picked up his leg because I saw the bleeding."

She said she remained calm, hoping that would help calm Josh down. But, she said her emotions overtook her once he was loaded into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital.

"I had to follow along because my husband rode in the ambulance and that's when I fell apart. It was rough," Cathy said.

Josh said he was glad to be back at school because it gives him opportunities to write, like the two books that he's already written and is so very proud of.

He'll get his stitches out in about a week and then he'll be able to start bending his leg a little each day to help him eventually regain full use of the leg.

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