October is national fire prevention month

October is national fire prevention month
It's time to change your clocks and check your smoke detectors. (Source: WALB)
Richard Guyton
Richard Guyton

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - Hear the beep where you sleep.

That will be the Lowndes County Fire Department's motto this month as they visit schools to educate children and their families about the importance of smoke detectors.

"The smoke detector is there to save your life. It's not going to put the fire out, but it's going to alert you during the night to help you get out of the home," Lowndes County Fire Chief Richard Guyton emphasized.

Chief Guyton said the biggest thing the department is trying to emphasize is for people to replace their old smoke detectors with new ones like the ones that have an internal battery and last for 10 years.

"Even though you may put a battery in it and it may still work, the mechanism on the inside may not be as efficient as it once was, so it should be replaced," Chief Guyton pointed out.

Chief Guyton also recommends replacing your smoke detectors if they're more than ten years old, but if you're not going to replace your smoke detectors then he recommends at least testing the smoke detectors you have to make sure that they work.

"To check your smoke detector, you only need to hold down the test button on the front until you hear the beep," explained Chief Guyton, as he held a smoke detector in his hands and demonstrated the process.

If you're unsure if your smoke detector needs to be replaced or if you want help installing a new smoke detector, Chief Guyton said the fire department will be glad to come out and help you. All you have to do is call.

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