Editorial: The loss of County Commissioner Jack Stone

Editorial: The loss of County Commissioner Jack Stone

Dougherty County lost a faithful, long-time public servant last week.

Jack Stone, who served on the county commission from District Six died Thursday.

Not everyone always agreed with Jack's positions in local government.

But there was never a question that Jack Stone put his heart and soul into serving his constituents, and to all of the citizens of Dougherty county, for the better part of three decades.

Jack did his part to lead the community through many uncertain times in county government

Former Dougherty County Commission Jeff Sinyard served with Stone for over a decade, and knew Stone well…

"He let you know right what he felt, and when he said it, you knew right where he was coming from.  He was never afraid to speak his mind. He was never afraid to say what he thought," said Sinyard.

We salute the memory and the service of Jack Stone.

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