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Confederate veterans plate gets a facelift

Shonna Colley of the tag office Shonna Colley of the tag office
Trey Burgess Trey Burgess

Georgia's specialty license plate featuring the Confederate flag is coming back, with a slight change, and workers at tag offices expect pretty high demand.

Governor Nathan Deal ordered counties to stop issuing the plates after the Charleston church shooting.  But the state worked with the Sons of Confederate Veterans to redesign the plate.

"I've got this one, I've got one in my friend's car that he borrowed for the ride, got an American Flag, my POW flag."  Trey Burgess loves a lot of flags, including the Confederate battle flag. In fact, he keeps them in his pick up.

And he wants to display the Confederate symbol on his license plate. "I was excited because when I get my new tag, I'm gonna pay the extra money I have to to get it, because I always do the support wildlife tag, because it's part of who I am as hunting and fishing, and to see that coming out it's just a further thing that I support."

At the Albany tag office downtown, workers stay pretty busy. "Mondays and Fridays are our busiest days," said Shonna Colley.

And they expect to get some more traffic now that the new plate is available. "I know some other counties have had some calls, so we are expecting some calls as well."

And while the Confederate flag has some controversy surrounding it, Burgess is proud of it. He loves history, and has family who fought for the Confederacy.
"Long ancestral list, everything from my grandparents through blood and marriage, that dates back to Robert E. Lee."

And while some people perceive it as something hateful or racist he believes the community should come together so nothing is misunderstood. "I may see something as one thing and you see something completely different, and as a community and a group we need to come together to discuss everything."

The new Sons of Confederate Veterans plate still includes that group's logo that features the Confederate battle flag.  It removes the large faded flag that made up the background of the old plate.

Now the specialty plate does cost extra. On top of the normal fee you pay, you pay $35 for the plate, plus a $25 manufacturing cost.

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