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Firefighters get realistic bomb training

Chief James Jones Chief James Jones
Investigator Sam Harris Investigator Sam Harris

South Georgia fire investigators create quite a commotion in an unusual training exercise.  They simulated a car bomb and while that may not seem like something that could happen here, they say it's never bad to be prepared.

They say training like this is valuable to prepare them for real emergencies. Albany firefighters were busy this morning putting out a car fire behind the Civic Center but it wasn't a typical call.

"Hands on training like this is always valuable," said Centerville Fire Chief Jason Jones.

It was all part of a joint training session with bomb technicians and fire investigators. This training wasn't a boring day in the classroom. Bomb technicians started the day by placing this device in the car to simulate a car bomb.

"What the objective was today was to find bits and pieces of that device after the explosion so we could trace it back to the person that might have done this," said Chief Jones.

Investigators from several different departments in southwest Georgia then took part in the simulated search for evidence something that only happens with an explosion like this.

"You get a debris field. The same as you get with this vehicle. So we use this training to reevaluate ourselves on our grid searches," said Albany Fire Investigator Sam Harris.

Debris from the car flew as far as 75 yards away so knowing how and where to search is equally important.

"It's just showing us, if an event occurs with a bomb, knowing what we need to do as first responders to that scene--the first investigators on the scene what to do," said Chief Jones.

Meaning the loud explosion served a good purpose. "This is just a training tool that we use so that we can become more proficient in our jobs," said Harris.

Despite how big that explosion looked firefighters insist it was only a small explosion by their standards. They were actually able to find a cell phone and other evidence in the car so they considered the training a success.

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