Easter Seals recognizes its staff and supporters

Easter Seals recognizes its staff and supporters

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia organization that serves people with disabilities is honoring those who help the group succeed.
Easter Seals of Southern Georgia held their annual dinner at Chehaw Park.
They celebrated the accomplishments of the people they serve and recognized the hard work of staff members and supporters.

"Our people at Easter Seals work very hard," said Beth English, Executive Director. "They work very long hours and they love what they do and so that particular award is actually voted on by all of our staff, so to be recognized among your peers is doing an excellent job. I think it's a really important thing."

Kim Moore-Willis won the Mrs. H.T. McCall Staff Member of the Year Award.

Other Winners include:

Consumer Achievement Awards:

Matthew Hawks

LaQuana Rouse

Rodderick Bonner

Ellison Olinger

Distinguished Service Award:

Veronica Rohrlack

John Tomlinson

Life Christian Center International

Darrell Haire

Mission Change


Catherine Beaty

Dr. Zo Stoneman

Robin Rayne Nelson

Mildred Huie Leadership Award: Mark Johnson

Annette Bowling Advocate of the Year: Sheila Swicegood

Betty Nichols Volunteer of the Year: Marti Yelverton

Bobbie Meyer von Bremen Award: Marty Lefiles

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