Crisp County family raises awareness about bullying

Crisp County family raises awareness about bullying
Tonya Tomberlin, Mother
Tonya Tomberlin, Mother
Kassidy Tomberlin, Student
Kassidy Tomberlin, Student

CRISP CO., GA (WALB) - A Crisp County family is trying to raise awareness about bullying after they say two siblings were victims.
One incident was even caught on tape.

A Crisp County student records Tonya Tomberlin's 10-year-old son being jumped by a middle school student on the bus nearly three weeks ago.

"When he started riding the bus this year he was having kids on the bus that were picking on him and hitting him and stuff," said Tonya Tomberlin, Mother.

Tomberlin says after notifying the school system several times about the problem, a monitor was finally put on the bus. Tomberlin's daughter,13-year-old Kassidy is an eighth grade student at Crisp County Middle school and says she's been a victim of bullying since the third grade.

"They're childish for picking on me and everybody gets acne and everybody is not perfect," said Kassidy Tomberlin, Student.

She also says a student poured flour on her.

"When Kassidy first started school we told them we had a problem that was going on with another child," said Tonya Tomberlin.
 Kassidy says she wants the bullying to stop and for the bullies to suffer stronger consequences. She's hoping to raise awareness about the problem through a project encouraging victims to write down what happens.

"Where you write down what they say and you go tell on them and if they don't do nothing again then you go tell the principal," said Kassidy Tomberlin.

Tomberlin says she knows other parents who have the same concerns and hopes the school system can implement some type of resource to prevent bullying from happening to someone else's child.

"An advocate somebody you know that's going to do something, that's going to listen to them," said Tonya Tomberlin.

We reached out to the Crisp County School System.
We were told only the superintendent could talk about the issue and he was not available today.
The Crisp County Middle School Handbook says punishment for bullying can range from parental notification to in-school or out-of-School Suspension.

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