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Cook High senior living her dream of being a cheerleader

Misty Triggs Misty Triggs
Elizabeth McCumber Elizabeth McCumber
Jeff Triggs Jeff Triggs

Misty Triggs is now where she's always wanted to be...on the sidelines cheering on the Cook County Hornets.

"Honestly, since I was given that uniform it has been a life changer," Misty said. "My weekends have gone from basically just doing school work to being able to go out and be able to practice with the girls."

Cheer Captain Elizabeth McCumber knew Misty had always wanted to be a cheerleader and knew this was Misty's senior year, so she asked the team's coach to make Misty a cheerleader.

"I thought that it would be a good idea to just allow her to come and join our cheer leading team for her senior year just to make this year memorable for her," McCumber explained.

Continued McCumber, "you can just tell she's happy. She says she feels like a normal girl."

Misty's father, Jeff, said he broke down when the team came and surprised Misty with the uniform. "She's really accomplishing a lot. She's not letting her disability hold her back and that's something that really makes me proud," Jeff said.

Misty, too, said she was proud when she got the surprise and knew that she was finally going to realize her dream.

"It's something I thought would never happen," said Misty.

McCumber said she's glad to have been able to make Misty's dream a reality, and she hopes it will be an example for others.

"You shouldn't limit what somebody can do just because of something they're going through. If somebody wants to do something, then allow them to do it; help them," McCumber emphasized.

An example that has given us all something to cheer about.

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