Car thieves target used car lot

Car thieves target used car lot

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A used car dealer said he lost around $12,000 when thieves stole two cars off his lot. Police are still looking for the thieves who broke into the office at Shoemaker's Auto Sales and stole keys before driving off in the cars.

He said these crimes are frustrating and hurt an otherwise successful, family-owned business.

Two thieves crashed through a gate early Thursday morning. They broke into the door first.

"They got keys from where we hide them and drove off in an Infinity and Lincoln," said Andrew Dismuke from Shoemaker's Auto Sales.

Dismuke said it would the latest financial hit the business had taken. Thefts happened at least ten times over the last 3 or 4 years, and he said cars get broken into weekly.

"We work hard every day, all day long. Try to make a living the best way we can and these people are getting away with more and more every day," said Dismuke.

The family-owned business has been located on North Slappey for more than 30 years but things like this don't help.

"We got a good business. We sell a lot of cars. It's just hard when things like this happen," said Dismuke.

Moving forward, there's not much more they can do with security. They just hope police are able to track down the thieves.

"We've got cameras. We've got lights. We've got everything that we think we need but it's just hard to actually get the people caught," said Dismuke.

Dismuke asks you to keep an eye out for the stolen cars--a red Infiniti and a gray Lincoln with damage to the front on at least one of them.

Insurance industry experts said thieves constantly devise newer and sophisticated ways to steal automobiles. New tactics include using stolen identities after switching vehicle identification numbers, and acquiring smart keys, which eliminates the need to hot-wire cars.

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