Editorial: In support of law enforcement

Editorial: In support of law enforcement

2015 has been a tough year for law enforcement.

We've seen officers shot, and some killed, across our country. We've seen some charged with crimes.

Most officers go through their careers without being touched personally by violence, but their interactions are coming under closer scrutiny, and it seems, more dangerous.

First Free Will Baptist Church took action to salute and appreciate the work of law enforcement this past Sunday, and we applaud the effort.

First Free Will Baptist made sure each man and woman in uniform were treated like VIPs by giving plaques, gifts, and also lunch.

"When they hold things for this in the community, and they tell us thank you and they shake our hands or pay for our meals we do appreciate that," said Officer Skyler Duke. "And we're very, very thankful and blessed."

Church officials say they just hope all officers know they are here for them, just as they are here for the community.

"I think that we'll continue to strive each and every week, all our first responders not just our law enforcement, but feel appreciated and loved and care for," said Youth Pastor Ti Barnhill.

We all need to remember that officers are people, too. And the "thin blue line" is still what keeps the criminals separated from the law-abiding.

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