Victory Christian School vandalized

Victory Christian School vandalized
Steve Ward
Steve Ward

LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) - Busted out windows, a damaged sign, and missing flags were what Victory Christian School staff saw when they arrived for work Monday morning.

"Just looking around, we saw a number of things that were very disturbing," said Victory Christian School Principal Steve Ward.

The church van was also vandalized, though Ward said as of Thursday it had already been sent to a shop to be repaired. "[The staff members] noticed the church van, the tires had been flattened on it."

Ward said there were also burn marks near the gas tank where it appears an attempt was made to use the gas in the gas tank to set the van on fire. The vandals tore everything off the school's marquee, except for the word "open" and the number six on one side of the sign.

"It was just a little bit curious that they would go to the trouble to leave those letters on the sign and tear everything else off," Ward said.

The American and Christian flags were stolen from the flag poles and the number 666 was scratched into several doors around the complex.

"We were able to clean these doors," Ward explained as he gestured towards the doors of the school's auditorium.

As of Thursday, the sheriff's office didn't have any leads but investigators had not ruled out the possibility of considering this a hate crime.

"We haven't made any determination and a lot of that's going to depend on the motives of whoever done this," said Lowndes County Sheriff's Office Lt. Stryde Jones.

The sheriff's office was asking for the public's help Thursday. But, help was already coming to the church.

"The church community is concerned about it," said Ward. "We've had phone calls from Pennsylvania to Miami. We've had Facebook messages, e-mails, texts, phone calls over the last several days."

If you have any information, call the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office at (229) 671-2900.

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