Editorial: Salmonella Sentencing

Editorial: Salmonella Sentencing

The harsh prison sentences handed down in the salmonella poisoning case have put an end to a very tragic story.

The three defendants wouldn't be on their way to prison had they simply put human safety and decency before profit.

Their actions sickened hundreds and has been linked to the deaths of nine people. It also prompted needed changes in our food safety laws.

"From a food safety perspective this case has helped change the way the industry does business.  It is also an indicator the President's commitment to make sure that the food we feed our families is safe," said U.S. Attorney Michael Moore.

Food safety advocates say these prison sentences will also serve as a warning to other corporate bosses to make doubly sure the food they ship is safe to eat.

It is the least we can do for those nine families who will never get their loved ones back.

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