Firefighters warn "Watch where your park"

Firefighters warn "Watch where your park"

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany Fire Department warns you to be careful where you park your car, keeping in mind what's under it.

Monday afternoon, Monica Anderson parked over some trash in the parking lot of the Save A Lot on South Slappey. Firefighters say her hot catalytic convertor set the trash on fire.  The store manager spotted the smoke and put the fire out with a fire extinguisher before the car was damaged.

Albany Fire Department Assistant Chief Rubin Jordan said "We want people to be vigilant. Make sure if you've got a bad catalytic convertor, don't park it over grass, because the radiant heat can cause a grass fire, and can possibly cause your car to ignite."

Firefighters say catalytic convertors can heat up to two thousand degrees when the car has engine issues.

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