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Bandits walk out of Walmart with big screens

(Sylvester PD photos) (Sylvester PD photos)
Lt. Kenneth Washington Lt. Kenneth Washington

Two men brazenly loaded up two big screen TV sets from the Sylvester Walmart, and drove off with them Monday afternoon. Sylvester Detective hope you recognize them, and alert authorities.

Lieutenant Kenneth Washington of Sylvester PD says that the two men simply walked into the store, loaded up the televisions, went out the side exit, which set off the alarm, put them into a white truck with a service body, and drove off towards Poulan.

"Right now we have them valued over $1,400," said Washington. "We are in the process of trying to get them identified."

They walked right out of the Walmart emergency exit and took off in this car. So far what police know about these men is what they've seen from the surveillance video.

Sylvester Police want the public's help in identifying the two crooks.

"What you see in the photo white male, two white males, individuals one seem to have lighter hair. The other one seem to have dark hair with facial hairs. One was wearing a baseball cap."

Washington says anyone who knows who these men are should call them at 229-776-8500, and CRIMESTOPPERS, at 2329-436-TIPS. You could get a reward.

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