Educational Collaboration actively building advisory board

Educational Collaboration actively building advisory board

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - The top education leaders in Dougherty County are now approaching some of the top employers in the area looking for leaders to serve on a new board of advisors to boost education.

It's the latest development in the collaboration between the Dougherty County School Superintendent and the presidents of Albany's three colleges.

They plan to work with the board to hire an expert whose full-time job will be to promote education here.

"I don't have a title at this point," said superintendent Dr. Butch Mosley. "But it would be an educational cheerleader that will hopefully have an office downtown and would work with the community and with youngsters and promoting education in Dougherty County."

The position will be funded equally by the school system, Albany State, Darton State and Albany Tech.

Dr. Mosely hopes to have that position filled the board fully operating by January.

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