Family stunned by death of dad in a fire

Family stunned by death of dad in a fire

TY TY, GA (WALB) - A Ty Ty man was killed in a fire at his home Sunday night, and now, his family is in shock. And seeing their childhood home and knowing the father who lived here is no longer with them is hard to face.

Lane Brown was known as a friendly man. Levi Daniels was behind the yellow tape last night as he watched his Father-in-law's home burn down to the ground.

Unfortunately 73-year-old Lane Brown did not make it out.

Tift County Sheriff's office said the fire started around 8:00 last night. Two hours later Brown's body was found.

Brown's family says he could strike up a conversation with anyone and Nathaniel Brown, his son, says he was very well known.

Daniels said Brown was more than just a Father-in-Law to him. The family says that it's surreal because they just spent time with him yesterday.

Right now they are just doing the best they can to cope with everything and have a simple request.

Currently, the fire is under investigation by the State Fire Marshal.

The family is currently planning services for Brown.

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