Editorial: Scrambled law enforcement communication

Editorial: Scrambled law enforcement communication

Valdosta's Police Chief has just announced the price tag on new, encrypted scanners for law enforcement.

Law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments in the county have recently started to use the new 
scanner system which public scanners are unable to pick up.

The cost? $6.5 million in SPLOST money!

As we expressed  when  Albany  and the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office announced that 
they, too, would be scrambling scanner traffic at a cost to taxpayers of $370,000.

We totally disagree with these decisions, especially when tax payers, including the media, 
who pay for this scrambling equipment are no longer informed of their activities.
We understand this is an attempt to block the criminals from hearing your communications.
But we have to ask…how often has this actually happened?  How many police scanners have been found in a criminals' possession?

What will you do when criminals and others figure out how to break this encryption?  Spend another $6 million?

Surely these tax dollars be used more efficiently on more necessary community projects.
We as taxpayers, have the right to know and monitor what's happening in our communities?

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