National POW/MIA Recognition Day in Sumter County

National POW/MIA Recognition Day in Sumter County
Alan Brunstrom, Ex-Prisoner of War
Alan Brunstrom, Ex-Prisoner of War
Pam Cain
Pam Cain

SUMTER CO., GA (WALB) - Hundreds of people are commemorating National POW/MIA Recognition Day in Sumter County.

Alan Brunstrom is one of 100 Ex- prisoners of war and families who are missing loved ones to attend The Ride Home 2015. Brunstrom was shot flying an RF 101 in Vietnam in 1966.

"I bailed out, floated down and got captured within two seconds of me hitting the ground," said Alan Brunstrom, Ex-Prisoner of War.

Brunstrom was in and out of prison camps for seven years before returning home.

"It's going to be a long time," said Brunstrom. "When am I going to get out of here, and we knew eventually we'd get home. We never thought that we wouldn't."

Others like Pam Cain's father never made it home.  He's been missing for almost 50 years.

"My dad is Colonel Oscar Mauterer with the United States Air Force and he was shot down in Laos in February 1966," said Pam Cain.

Cain wears a bracelet everyday remembering her father. He's one of more than 80,000 soldiers missing since World War II. The Ride Home, a non-profit organization, has made it it's mission to making sure those who are missing aren't forgotten.

"Because our country's history has shown that when we forget we tend to make the same mistakes over and over," Dr. Rev. Chuck Gass, The Ride Home Chaplain.

Other organizations such as the Rolling Thunder and American Legion are also supporting the cause in wanting answers from the Government.

"Call your Congressman and let them know that POW's and MIA's do still need to have answers," said Cain.

"Our government made a pledge to not leave anyone in a foreign land, so we're keeping the government to their promise," said Gass.

A promise that so many families are hoping is kept.

There will be special events in Americus and Andersonville tomorrow you can find a list here.

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