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Moody Airman, A10s deploying to help NATO in Europe

Stewart Cornett Stewart Cornett
Tim Sumja Tim Sumja

Moody Air Force Base is trying to make sure the public understands what the Airman from the base will be doing on their mission in Europe, for which they are currently deploying.

A press conference was held at the base Friday.

A dozen A-10s from Moody and about 300 Airman from the 74th Fighter Squadron of the 23rd Wing Fighter Group at the base are in the process of being deployed to central and eastern European NATO countries to help support NATO forces as part of "Operation Atlantic Resolve."

"Operation Atlantic Resolve is a demonstration of our commitment to NATO and our dedication to stability in Europe in light of recent Russian intervention in Ukraine," said Col. Tim Sumja, 23rd Wing Fighter Group Commander.

Friday, the base highlighted the capabilities of the A-10s in an effort to give the public a better understanding of what the planes may be asked to do while deployed in Europe.

"It's really built around long loader time; that close air support mission, survivability with lots of weapons to deliver to guys on the ground," said Cpt. Stewart Cornett, an A10 pilot who is part of the deployment.

"We hold eleven hundred fifty rounds of thirty milometer [ammo]," Cpt. Cornett said, standing next to an A10 and talking about the machine gun on the nose of the plane."

Said one Airman, as he held up a round of ammunition for the gun, "Three pounds a round. So, this is what we're doing damage with out there."

Col. Sumja said he's looking forward to his Airman having the opportunity to work with NATO Forces.

"[The mission] not only allows us to train together and in a more efficient manner, but it also allows us to operate together and in a more efficient manner should some humanitarian security issue arise while they're deployed," Col. Sumja stated. 

The deployment should last about six months, but could change depending on what happens between Russia and Ukraine during that time.

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