Huge hornet and yellow jackets nests spotted in South Georgia

Huge hornet and yellow jackets nests spotted in South Georgia

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - You need to watch out for yellow jackets and hornets.

A South Georgia master beekeeper says he's being called to take care of a lot of dangerous nests these days.
Dale Richter showed us huge hornet and yellow jacket nests, just yards from homes, and he warns they can be deadly.

Dale Richter and I put on full bee protection suits to approach an underground yellow jacket nest just off Moultrie Road in East Albany.  Richter said these yellow jackets are very aggressive and active.
Richter said "You see how they are just piling out."  So how big do you think this nest is?  "Underground it could be 3 or 4 feet wide, because there is actually a second nest."

Looking down into the hole you can see hundreds of yellow jackets swarming in and out of the hole, formed by a hollowed out stump. Richter said they are hungry, active, and mad.
Richter said "They know we're here. Since we are not bothering them right now, they are not going to attack us.  But if we stood here long enough."

On Labor Day weekend, Laquacious Jefferson's 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter were attacked by this nest while playing in their yard.
Jefferson said "They came running in there with bees covering them.  I mean his whole back was covered with bees."

Richter said he is seeing more nests than usual, like this hornet's nest on Grandview Drive.  The hornets attacked a man doing yard work.  
Richter said "People need to watch out for them when they are out working in their yards. Working around weed eaters or lawn mowers.  The yellow jackets really become active toward those.  They need to be real careful in them."

Richter said he is seeing more nests under mobile homes and on and in houses than ever this year. He tells people to stay aware, and warns people not to try to exterminate one of these nests themselves.

Richter said that yellow jacket nest is on city property, and he is waiting on city officials to ok him to exterminate the nest.  
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