Most Wanted: 14 sought for making 'Purple Drank'

Most Wanted: 14 sought for making 'Purple Drank'

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - The Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office is  looking for 14 people suspected in a major prescription drug ring.

All of them are from Tifton, and officials need your help getting them off the streets.

45-year-old Antonio Hillman, 34-year-old Kevin Howard, 58-year-old Dafford Madison, 29-year-old Gavin Phillips, 23-year-old JC Snead,  31-year-old Latricia Studivent, 32-year-old Stephen Thomas, 46-year-old Tony Robinson. 25-year-old Amod Edwards, 24-year-old Michael Chandler, 34-year-old James Rutledge, 27-year-old Maurice Morrow, 19-year-old Jamonte Brinkley, and 29-year-old Antrone Dowers,

They're all wanted on controlled substance charges involving the drug Promethazine which is sometimes used to make the recreational drug "Purple Drank".

37 people were implicated in the bust.

The following Agencies contributed tremendously to the success of the case, Georgia Narcotics Agency, Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Fitzgerald Police Department, South Central Drug Task Force, Mid South Drug Task Force, Tift County Sheriff's Office and the Tifton Police Department.

If you know where these suspects are contact law enforcement.

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