Business Watch features new crime fighting technology

Business Watch features new crime fighting technology

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police right now are hosting their second Business Watch meeting of the day, trying to make stores and businesses tough targets for crooks.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon the police held their first meeting with business owners, showing them new technology and products to fight crime.

Like high strength bullet resistant glass, that police recommend convenience and other stores install to protect their clerks.  Or high quality surveillance cameras to keep watch inside and outside your business and neighbors.

Albany Police Corporal Brian Covington said "Give these suggestions to these business owners, and to these store supervisors, so they can take them back and think about some things.  And see some options that are available to them, that they may not know about."

The Crime Prevention Unit of the Albany Police offer a free crime prevention check for Albany businesses, to show ways to protect stores against crooks.

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