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ASU students struggle with missing aid money

Janeyah Berry Janeyah Berry
Santo Nina Santo Nina

Some Albany State Students are starting off the fall semester a little rough, with problems getting their financial aid. The office is under investigation now.

Even though school has been in session for about a month at Albany State University, some students are still without their financial aid. One student who says she's made at least ten trips to the financial aid office this semester.

"Some people have even been threatened to get kicked out of housing, so it has been pretty rough," says Sophomore Janeyah Berry. "It's still saying I have a balance, they keep dropping people's classes, keep making us wait. It's a lot going on."

And this doesn't just affect getting their classes paid for. "I can't buy my books. I have to keep going to them. I'm stressing over financial aid," said Berry.

Other students tell us their financial aid came through, but they know plenty of others who have been affected. "A lot of people are really stressed about it, they need their money, its understandable. But there is a lot of stuff going on and you just have to be patient and wait for it to come," said ASU student Dimitri Holmes.

But it can be hard when they depend on loans to live on. "A lot of students are just without money, because a lot of these students depend on these loans to not only pay for school, but to have money in their pocket," says Student Santo Nina.

Recently ASU issued a statement stating they had irregularities at their financial aid officer, but haven't explained exactly what that means yet. 

And it the meantime students are getting frustrated.  "Hopefully it does get sorted out. Honestly I was thinking about transferring, but if it does get sorted out, that's good on their part," says Berry.

So far, no word on any updates on how the students are getting by, the investigation, or when that investigation might be done.

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