Medical ID on iPhone could save your life

Medical ID on iPhone could save your life
Michael Pinson
Michael Pinson
Dougherty county EMS
Dougherty county EMS

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One of the lesser known features of your iPhone may just be the most important one you have.

If you have the iOS 8 mobile operating system, then you have access to an app that could help you and medical responders during emergencies.

It's called "Medical ID" and can be accessed through your iPhone's Health app.

Medical ID allows users to carry personal medical information that could save your life.

When medical responders arrive at the scene of any sort of emergency, they say identifying victims and giving them proper treatment is their priority.

But when victims are unresponsive or unable to communicate, responders have a difficult time finding family members, determining blood type, and listing allergies.

The Medical ID app allows people to record all of that vital information on their phone, so it can be accessed easily without needing a password to open the phone.

People can click on the Health app, go to Medical ID, and enter information such as allergies, blood type, emergency contact numbers, and whether you are an organ donor.

Whenever there is an emergency, responders can go to the iPhone user's lock screen, click 'Emergency',then click 'Medical ID' to access their medical history and emergency contact information.

Dougherty County paramedic Michael Pinson said this app may be more convenient for those who wear medical bracelets.

"We don't see a lot of them, that's for sure," said Pinson. "You've got a couple that are proactive in it, but the rest of them just forget to wear it or they don't have it at all."

But Pinson said mostly everyone is glued to their cell phones, which would give them no excuse not to have the vital medical information on them at all times.

If you don't have an iPhone, paramedics suggest keeping a piece of paper or card with medical history and important contact numbers in your wallet.

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