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Berrien Co. Sheriff holds prayer service for law enforcement

Larry Tabor Larry Tabor
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Berrien County's Sheriff was making a public plea Monday for citizens to support law enforcement and first responders. He organized a community prayer service outside the sheriff's office Monday morning.

"Father, I pray you wrap them up and Father I pray you put your protection around them in such a way that you be their shield and their buffer," emphasized Bro. Mickey Lindsey, as he led those in attendance in a prayer.

That was one of the many requests made by two different pastors who conducted the prayer service.

"It's a great feeling. It just gives us a great feeling; just blessed," said Berrien Co. Sheriff's Office Cpt., Larry Tabor, after the prayer service.

Sheriff Anthony Heath said he was extremely grateful for the community members who showed up early on a Monday morning. "Everybody's at work, it's nine o' clock. This is reassuring to know that people are here and don't mind publicly praying," Sheriff Heath expressed as he addressed the group before the prayer service got underway.

"God, that you would shield these men and women as they shield us, as they go and put their lives on the line every day; things that we don't see and we don't know that even goes on behind the scenes. Lord, these are dangerous times that we live in," said Bro. Scott Walker, as he led those in attendance in a prayer.

Diaane Holmes came to the prayer service because she has family in law enforcement. "If we don't have their back, no one's going to have their back," Holmes emphasized.

She said it's upsetting to see that we have come to a point in our society where law enforcement is so disrespected by so many people.

"It's sick, it's sad that our world is coming to this point where families can't go to work without wondering if they're going to walk back in to the front door when they get off work," Holmes said.

A wonder Sheriff Heath hopes he can help reduce through the power of prayer.

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