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Deputy sheriff: Body cams are worth the cost

LCSO Dennis Parker LCSO Dennis Parker

Lee County Sheriff's Officials say new body cameras all deputies are wearing are already proving their value.

Those Lee County Sheriff's body cameras were paid for with seized drug forfeiture money, so they didn't cost tax payers anything, but they are being called invaluable for evidence and training.

At a traffic stop August 20th by Lee County Deputies, you can hear and see what's being said. "Shut the car off. Don't you put that in drive.  Don't you put it in drive," said the deputy.

From one of the drug agents' body camera you get his view of that suspect fleeing.

Sheriff's Officials say they go over both of these kind of videos to help their training. Lee Co. Sheriff's Office Lt. Colonel Dennis Parker said "A lot of times you get different perspectives. Where one doesn't catch everything, the other one will."

The body cam viewpoint shows the drug agents jump out. The suspect crawls out of the wreck and runs toward Lake Chehaw and officers chase him down.
"We got him in custody. We got him in custody," the officer says.

Parker said "We do look at the tapes. We do assess and critique them. You can see what the officers did.  To see if there is anything we can learn from them.  And of course if we see anything we can learn from them, we do use them in training."

The Lee County Sheriff's body cameras cost $295 each, and officials are very happy with their quality, and the video quality they can now show of their work.

Lee County Sheriff's Officials say that body camera video will stop a lot of legal issues before they get started, and that will save taxpayers money.  They say the video like this will be invaluable for juries, giving them a real viewpoint of crimes and arrests like never before.

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