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Escapee caught before he can surrender

Timothy Rowland (Lee County Sheriff) Timothy Rowland (Lee County Sheriff)
Chief Charles Moore Chief Charles Moore
Rowland crawled through this tiny space and drove off Rowland crawled through this tiny space and drove off

Timothy Rowland, who escaped Leesburg police custody during a Labor Day road check, called WALB Tuesday to tell us he wanted our cameras present when he surrendered to authorities on Friday... but they caught him first.

Officials in Macon County got a tip that he was in a home next to his relatives, and captured him. 

He escaped over the weekend while handcuffed in the back of a Leesburg Police patrol car.

Chief Charles Moore says he managed to crawl through a small space between the front and back seats and take off in the police car. He says they do plan to make some changes.

"I met with some of the guys and the major in the earlier part of the week, where the cages are in patrol cars got a glass that slides back and forth, so we are going to put something over the glass so if it is open they still can't crawl through it," said Leesburg Police  Chief Charles Moore.

Rowland faces several charges including driving with a suspended license, aggravated assault, and theft by taking. Chief Moore says he's just glad no one was injured.

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