Investigator: 'Honor Home' fire was clearly arson

Investigator: 'Honor Home' fire was clearly arson
Dan West
Dan West

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Decatur County veterans are upset after someone set fire to a home built in their honor. A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered to catch whoever did it.

Old Glory is one of the only things salvaged from a fire ruled as arson early Sunday morning.

"I figured it was fitting to hang it out there. It's hurtful and it's sad," said Honor Sentinel President Dan West."It was just like somebody hitting me in the gut."

The fact that it was actually arson makes this terrible news even worse. "I don't have any clue why someone would want to burn down something that is set aside, that will honor those who served for their country," said West.

Volunteers had spent the past year remodeling, repainting, and reconstructing this home for the veterans in the county; there's no other place for them closer than Tallahassee.

"We all put our heart and soul in this, because it's something very important to us. You look at this and it's very disheartening," said West.

Hundreds of books for vets suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and brand new furniture and kitchen equipment were lost in the blaze. It represents a tough bump in their long journey.

"We go back to searching for property and starting over again. We're not going to quit. The need for this is still, it's still needed," said West.

The focus has now shifted to finding the person or people responsible for the fire. "If anybody's seen anything or knows anything, please step forward and call the hotline number and help us catch the person that did this," said West.

West invites everyone to a music festival on October 3rd at the Boat Basin in Bainbridge. All of the money raised will go towards building the veterans a new home. You can donate here to their GoFundMe account.

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