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Lee County bank threat investigated

Sheriff Rachals Sheriff Rachals
Christine Kopas Christine Kopas

Lee County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating an unusual threat to a bank.  A caller who claimed to be tapped in to the security system, threatened to blow up the bank. 

The lunch traffic in south Lee County was shocked to see the bank surrounded by law enforcement.  SunTrust Bank employee Christine Kopas said she knew something was wrong when she came to the bank about 11. "Went up to the door, it was locked. I tried the other door, it was locked.  So I got in the car, pulled over here to Harvey's parking lot, and called our branch manager."

What she didn't see was the bank employees and three customers were lying on the floor because of a threat called in from a man, saying he could blow up the bank.

Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals said "He was able to tap in on the camera system, and told them they needed to be on the floor.And he didn't want to prove to them that he as actually watching them on the camera system."

The employees and customers complied, then the caller's next demand was a high tech robbery. "He wanted some money wired to a certain account through Western Union.  Course that didn't happen because they don't have a way to do that," Rachals said.

The Sheriff's Office was called and surrounded the bank.  The threatening call is now being investigated as a very real threat and robbery attempt.

 "Yes, we take them pretty serious because you don't know what's going to happen this day and time.  The way things are happening, anything is liable to happen at any moment," Rachals said.

The bank re-opened their drive thru after the threat was lifted, and will re-open completely tomorrow.

Lee County Sheriff's Deputies immediately spread out and covered all the banks in their county, in case this was a decoy to rob another bank.

If you have any information about this bank call threat, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS.

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