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Local law enforcement has new difficulties with recruiting

Cpt. Tom Jackson Cpt. Tom Jackson

With police making headlines across the nation it's becoming easier to see the risks that come with putting on a law enforcement uniform.

Dougherty County Police Captain Tom Jackson argues the job is more dangerous now than ever and says recruiting officers has become more difficult, but not for the reason you might think.

Cpt. Jackson says there hasn't really been a decline in applicants recently, but they have seen a drop in "quality applicants."

The long hours, shift work, and low pay can often be off-putting to many people. Captain Jackson says when a job takes so much responsibility, enforcing laws and carrying weapons, they want to make sure they're hiring the best people.

"You just don't want anybody doing this job, you want people of high quality. The problem we have is we don't have those high quality applicants any more because of the hours and the pay," explains Cpt. Jackson. 

Even though a decline in quality applicants makes building a better force difficult, Cpt. Jackson says DCP will continue to hire the best officers they can to keep Dougherty County safe. 

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