Golden Rams hope for bounce back performance

Golden Rams hope for bounce back performance

There is no time for Albany State to think about what could have been against Valdosta State last week, especially with the conference opener against Tuskegee looming this Saturday.

The Rams hit the field Tuesday, fighting off the afternoon rain.
Interim head coach Dan Land says he saw a lot of good things watching the tape of Saturday's loss.  However, he knows the few bad things will have to be corrected before the Rams battle the Golden Tigers in the White Water Classic.
This game could very easily be a preview of the SIAC Title Game in November.

Land knows the Rams have a better chance of getting to Montgomery for the conference championship if they get the win Saturday.

“One thing you can't do in the SIAC is get behind. Once you get behind, it's hard to catch up because we have so many talented teams in our conference,” Land says. “It's tough to hold and maintain the things that you have if you don't start off with a win. It's very huge this week, and I've been expressing that to the guys, letting them know how important this conference game is.”
Land insists there were not that many bad things on the game tape. But he adds those things must be fixed before facing a good team like Tuskegee.

“The small things that we did wrong, we corrected those on Sunday. We're trying to make sure we don't make those mistakes again,” Land says. “We're looking at the negatives. The mistakes we made really got us beat. If we continue to play and do the things we normally do, the positive things that we also did in the game, I think we'll be where we need to be.”

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